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Self-Regulation, Jung, and
Neuroscience in Trauma Recovery 

The 81st Annual 

May 26 - May 29, 2023

What we are learning about the body through the study of neuroscience is revolutionizing our understanding of trauma and its treatment.

Last year at our conference, a leading theorist in the field (Stephen Porges), explained the body’s instinctual survival mechanisms and how they are connected to our sense of safety.

This year, we will hear from the accomplished Jungian analyst Marian Dunlea, a passionate student of neuroscience and healing modalities. As a result of her 30 years of study, Marian has created a distinct approach to working with clients who spend significant portions of their lives in aroused states of distress.


We believe her work is vital in healing our planet, particularly as so many of us—and the people we love—suffer from some form of trauma.

How does Marian Dunlea help with this discomfort and emotional distress?  She will introduce us to a technique that she calls BodyDreaming, which is a subtle attuning of the senses to what we perceive and feel. Over time, as she directs us in this approach, we can change our patterned response and live with greater safety and comfort.

​At certain points in her plenaries, Marian will lead us through exercises that allow us to experience the sensory elements of BodyDreaming. She will be assisted in her presentations by colleague Patricia Llosa, a Jungian analyst and art historian.

All of this has a connection to Quaker religious experience, because it is a form of the “centering down” we do in silent worship. It gives us the capacity to live with a greater sense of well-being and to experience the “God within” ourselves and in others.

FCRP has long been a place where your story matters.   This year's May conference will be in-person only at Pendle Hill.

Fees for this year's three-day conference—which begins with dinner Friday evening, May 26 and ends with lunch Monday, 29 May—include three nights' lodging and all meals, as well as all conference activities.

Single rooms are  $625.

Shared rooms are $565.

Commuter registration fee is $355.

Commuter fees include all meals and all conference activities.

Scholarship help is available.

To go directly to the registration website, .click here.

There is a $100 cancellation fee for anyone who cancels before April 14.  After that, there will be no refunds except in highly exceptional situations.  We regret this policy, but it is necessary because of our contract obligations with the conference center.

Pendle Hill Covid Policy:  Pendle Hill strongly recommends that all guests be up to date on their Covid vaccinations and also asks guests to test themselves within 24 hours of their arrival on campus and to stay home should they test positive.

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