May 22 - May 25, 2020





For for the first time in 78 years the Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology will not be coming together.  We are all in a place of wondering and not knowing.    Many of us wonder how many more weeks of days, and months of weeks, we will have to remain at home.  We wonder when we will see the real eyes of those whom we love and  be able to hug them again.  We know people who have gotten ill.  Some of us have lost loved ones who shared the sorrow of mourning friends.  We also are deeply grieved by the way the pandemic has unleashed its violent scythe disproportionately against those with less than we have.  

But there has been another experience taking place.  Many of us have found fresh joys in simple things.  We are finding new delight in nature or more frequent phone calls with loved ones or online encounters.  Many of us are rediscovering old creative skills or finding new ones.  As we sift through the ocean of emotions brought on by isolation, we are discovering new levels of feeling.  We are seeing with new eyes what is important and satisfying about our lives. 

Friends have mentioned the wonder of encountering  Kairos or “spiritual time”within Chronos, or the traditional time our clocks mark off for us.  They describe unexpected joys in these transcendent moments that prove sustaining in the context of much difficulty.

When FCRP's Planning Committee met via Zoom last month, we found ourselves surprised with the pleasure we had in simple sharing over “where we are in this Coronavirus time.”  It seemed like something worth sharing with the larger FCRP community, as well as anyone interested in the life of the spirit through the lens of psychology.

We are inviting you to join in an informal Zoom rendez-vous over Memorial Day Weekend as new and old members of the Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology share joys and sorrows of Kairos and Chronos in Coronavirus Time.

The main intent of this gathering is to bear nonjudgmental witness to one another’s sorrows and grieving, as well as to the small joys and wonders that engender hope. 

Virtual worship and sharing may be an odd thing for you.  Know that you are not alone!

Please join us beginning on Friday evening at 7:30pm EDT for a nontraditional meeting for worship and sharing. 

After that, we will meet in the mornings only. Though as a bonus, two of our members have generously offered a restorative session at 2:00pm EDT on Saturday and Sunday, open to everyone who needs to chill!

To see the full schedule of events, click here.

FCRP has long been a place where your story matters.   We look forward to connecting with you—in this odd moment in the history of the Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology—and hearing how you are doing in Kairos, Chronos, and Coronavirus Time.

Note this is a completely free conference. 


You can register here to receive the login information [REGISTRATION IS CLOSED FOR 2020].  

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