May 28 - May 30, 2021

The 79nd Annual and the 2nd Virtual



The Alchemy of an Extraordinary Year and its Potential for Personal Transformation

A worldwide pandemic and a tumultuous political year that have left our country more deeply divided have resulted in uncertainty, fear, loss, and trauma for us all. But such challenging times offer opportunities for growth, to kindle a Light in the darkness,” to use the words of C.G. Jung. 

The road to wholeness begins with a journey through the darkest parts of who we are, according to Jung.  Quakers trust that the Inward Light will lead us.  Inspired by these guiding principles, this year’s Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology—the 79th annual and our 2nd virtual conference—will begin to work with what we’ve witnessed in this extraordinary year, and use it as fuel for transformation.

We have invited two speakers for our May 2021 conference.   Each was to have been the Plenary Speaker at our traditional in-residence conferences we’d planned for 2020 and 2021.  Both Marian Dunlea and Monika Wikman are well-known Jungian analysts and authors.  Both recognize that authentic change happens not just in the mind but in the body.  


 Ancient alchemists tirelessly experimented with heating base metals such as lead and copper and zinc in an effort to transform them into a purified precious metal. Alchemy was Jung's chosen symbol for transformation of the ego and soul to the gold of Self. 

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FCRP has long been a place where your story matters.   We look forward to connecting with you—in this odd moment in the history of the Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology.

Sliding scale fees for the three days are from $45-$85.

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