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WFCRP Interest Groups 2023

1.  Creating Mandalas 

Sundance Metelsky


Carl Jung said: “The mandala is an archetypal image whose occurrence is attested throughout the ages. It signifies the wholeness of the self. This circular image represents the wholeness of the psychic ground or, to put it in mythic terms, the divinity incarnate in man.” He also said, "My mandalas were cryptograms concerning the state of the self which was presented to me anew each day…the mandala is the center. It is the exponent of all paths. It is the path to the center, to individuation." 


In this hands-on workshop, we will learn a bit about mandalas, sacred circle images that offer a window to the psyche. We will then have the opportunity to make our own mandalas, creating from the “child place” - no formal art training required! We will be invited to share about our creations with each other in small breakout rooms and with the larger group as a whole.


Please bring:


  • A large plate (at least 10" diameter).

  • Drawing paper that is larger than the plate.

  • A pencil and eraser.

  • Pastels/gelatos/crayons/colored pencils/markers - your preferred drawing medium.

  • Paints and brushes if you prefer to paint.


Sundance Metelsky has studied the works of Carl Jung and other depth psychologists on her own and later with the Jung Society of Washington and other Jungian groups. She has been walking the shamanic path since 1992 and is currently enrolled in the Foundation for Shamanic Studies’ 3-Year Program of Advanced Initiations and Shamanic Healing. She has a BA in English Literature with a Minor in Psychology from the University of Maryland, and an MA in Liberal Arts from St. John's College Graduate Institute. Sundance enjoys diving the depths and creating art as part of her explorations.


2.  What’s in your Change Toolkit?

Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten


Yes – you should have one… a Change Toolkit - because Change is going to show up and surprise you and you’ll handle it better if you’re prepared! Of course – you’ll need courage.  And patience.  And curiosity.  But I’m not talking about HOW you deal with change.  I’m talking about having some SERIOUS TOOLS you can use to figure out what’s changing, how it’s changing, and whether you want it to change.  Bring a pen and journal or paper.  Each session will include a short guided meditation, and a writing prompt. 

Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten is a spiritual educator, ordained minister, and the bestselling author of The Changing Story, a book for children and adults moving through times of transition. Her professional background incudes a focus on pastoral psychology, the foundation of her work in parallel career fields. For the past thirty years she has spent half her time leading spiritual communities, and the other half as an entrepreneur and business consultant leading international development teams in North American, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.


Ahriana is the founder of asoulfullworld.com, a global wisdom community serving people in more than 50 countries. She loves helping people master the art of living an authentic, purpose-driven, passionate life. Often referred to as a wisdom keeper and modern mystic, Ahriana believes everyone can make a difference in the world. She lives from a blend of Eastern and Western ideologies that include the concepts of universal consciousness, interconnection, and relational accountability, and currently serves as a US liaison for Feed14K, a nonprofit program addressing food scarcity in South Africa.


3. Innerwork through Fairy Tale Films

Laura Lewis-Barr


Fairy tales are the simplest and purest expressions of the collective unconscious and thus offer the clearest understanding of the basic patterns of the human psyche.

- Jungian analyst Marie Louise Von Franz


Fairy tales contain healing wisdom.  We’ll use several short fairy tale films as a tool, a guide, and a safe structure.  Viewing and discussing the tales can be a portal to explore our inner world and our connection to the world around us.


Laura Lewis-Barr is a stop-motion filmmaker and educator – and a former grad student in clinical transpersonal psychology.  Her films are quirky and fun and have been screened around the world.  Learn more at lauralewisbarrfilms.com.


4. Parsing the Plenary

Riley Robinson


I think to be in exile is a curse, and you need to turn it into a blessing. You've been thrown into exile to die, really, to silence you so that your voice cannot come home. And so my whole life has been dedicated to saying, 'I will not be silenced.' - Ariel Dorfman


Each one of us has a past to which we cannot return. Some situations feel resolved, but others still leave us feeling torn. Let us come together to share about being apart or away. Bring a reflection or a question from the plenary presentation. Invite your silenced self to come in from the cold and tell its story. What are your life lessons? What have you gained from the exile experiences of others, here or elsewhere? Finding compassion in ourselves and with each other can be a challenging journey. When a “stranger” is transformed into a friend or neighbor, how are we ourselves transformed? What strengths do each of us bring to help that happen?


Riley Robinson has attended FCRP events for decades and has been involved in a number of Quaker organizations. He still has many questions about pretty much everything.


5. If It Were My Dream

Gary Soulsman


This easy-to-grasp way of exploring dreams creates a safe space by inviting each of us to imagine how we might think and feel if the dream of another were our own. The nonjudgmental process—pioneered by Jeremy Taylor and Montague Ullman—evokes serious, touching, lighthearted emotion. Bring your empathy and your dreams.


Gary is a writer who worked as a Delaware journalist for close to 40 years. He has been involved in dream work for three decades and is a teacher of “The Mysteries of Living & Dying” at the University of Delaware’s Osher Institute. He has also served as co-clerk of the Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology


6. Breathwork

Lauren Chelec Cafritz


Breathwork uses conscious connected breathing to help us lower stress levels, boost the immune system, relieve anxiety, gain clarity and become more present. When you breathe deeply and consciously, you move energy through your body. Your cortisol and adrenaline lowers, and you begin to feel better.


Breathwork teaches us how to master our emotions and gives us a safe place to experience our feelings, trust them, accept them, and eventually integrate them. Participants will connect with their own inner journey while feeling the loving support of a community.


During these workshop sessions, you will learn to open your breath. We will use deep conscious connected breathing combined with journaling, sound, and movement to create ease and flow in the body, mind, and Spirit.


Lauren Chelec Cafritz is the founder of Vitality Breath. She is an internationally known breathwork teacher, speaker, and the author of Breath LOVE.


With more than 20 years in the field, Lauren brings enormous passion and an engaging approach to sharing the transformative power of the breath. She uses various techniques and conscious connected breathing to teach people how to use their breath to increase emotional and physical wellness. 


Lauren leads breathwork sessions for executive teams, nonprofits, government agencies, corporations, hospitals, and schools. She also facilitates conferences, workshops and retreats across the world and provides private one-on-one coaching. Lauren provides certifications to breathworkers through her Vitality Breath School, which includes a multi-year training program.


A leader in the global breathwork community, Lauren serves as the United States National Representative for the International Breathwork Foundation and is a member of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance.


7. On Your Own

No leader. Spend your time as you wish!

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