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WFCRP History

History of Topics and Presenters by Year, Topic, and Presenter:

1977 Use of Mandalas in One’s Life Journey: Forming a Centered World
Dorothea Bloom & Nancy Kline

1978 Tensions Between the Inner Life and Outword Committments
John Yungblut

1979 The Yang and Yin of Our Creative Lives
Jake Goering

1980 Exploring the Symbols of the Age of Aquarius
Keith Kinsolving

1981 The Role of the Unconsious in Peace-Making
Harriet Crosby

1982 Mine Enemy Teaches Me
Frank & Louise DeLeeuw, Judith Simmons, Keith Kinsolving

1983 No Conference

1984 Destruction and Renewal: The Myth of Inanna
Penelope Yungblut

1985 Four Journeys: A Puppet Play
Pamela Mayer

1986 Choosing Relationship as a Catalyst for Change
Marjorie & Peter Bankson

1987 Out of Wonderland
Judith Simmons & Karl Harshbarger

1988 The Creative Sprite Lives
Libby Baker

1989 Warriors, Witches and Fools: The Embodying Mythic Images
Barbara Dunn

1990 The Journey – Encounters with Inner Experience
Elizabeth Oxlade

1991 Anpao: An American Indian Odyssey
Tom Peterson

1992 From the Mesabe Iron Range to the Bath Iron Works
Phillip Berrigan

1993 Sexuality and Spirituality: Healing the Split
John Davis

1994 Music as Magician: Exploring the Inner and Outer Landscape
Beth Kingsley Hawkins

1995 Compassion: A Response to the Illusion of Duality
Frank Culley

1996 Tools for the Journey: Tales of the Road
Elizabeth Dearborn

1997 Telling It Slant: The Glory of Indirection in Poetry, Myth and Religion
Jerry Downs

1998 The Evolution of the Soul Through Service
Susan Trout

1999 Money, Harmony, Community and Spirit
Olivia Mellan

2000 Personal and Archetypal Dimensions of Dreams
Michael Conforti

2001 Body as Soul: Exploring the Archtypal and Personal through the Body
Barbara Goodrich-Dunn

2002 The Mythic Quest: Understanding Our Personal Journey
Janet Kane

2003 A Second Chance: The Myth of the Fisher King
Anne Tongren

2004 Truth, Choice, Power and Freedom
Ruth Shilling

2005 Sodom, Gomorrah and Other Cliches
Georgia Fuller

2006 Feeling Our Way To Integrity and Peace
Joe Izzo

2007 Body, Soul and Metaphor
Barbara Goodrich-Dunn

2008 Rekindling Our Brilliant Tribal Life
Mardy Burgess

2009 Energy Psychology and Spiritual Wellbeing: Integrating East and West
Carole McNamee

2010 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Bonnie Damron

2011 Forgiveness as a Spiritual Practice
Sue Regan

2012 The Story of the Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology
Dixon Bell and Bonnie Damron

2013 The Brain, Spirituality and Neurotheology
Margee Iddings

2014 Music and the Psyche
Janice Quinn

2015 Dreaming Back to Right Relationship with Mother Earth: Healing the Body, Healing the Spirit,Healing the Earth
Stephen Pothoff

2016 Homer’s Penelope: A Workshop on the Archetype of a Destiny Fulfilled
Bonnie Damron

2017 Decline and Ascent: The Paradoxical Passage to Elderhood
Melanie Starr Costello

2018 Hauntings: Dispelling the Ghosts that Run Our Lives
James Hollis

2019 The Medusa Complex
Julie Bondanza

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