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Image, Rose Window After Notre Dame, by Connor McManus, used with his permission

George Fox
Carl Jung

                                           who we are!


The Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology is one of the oldest conferences in the U.S. dedicated to individual spiritual exploration with a focus on depth psychology, specifically Jungian psychology. 

The conference began in the dark shadow of war in 1943.  A group of Quakers, many trained as Jungian analysts and psychologists, came to see how coming to know one’s inner landscape through dreams, creative work, and active imagination actually supported the life of the spirit.  The inward journey through the dark and light of the unconscious, they discovered, helped the Inner Light shine more brightly.

Today, a darkness similar to the time when our founders created the community of FCRP has settled on the world, making the work we do and share more relevant and more important than ever.

FCRP is held annually over Memorial Day weekend.  This year, the 82nd Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology will be an in-person only conference that will be held at the Quaker retreat center, Pendle Hill near Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. 

FCRP’s sister organization, the Washington Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology (WFCRP) takes place over President’s Day weekend in February and will be held virtually again in 2024.

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